Our Story

Having served a 10 year apprenticeship in England, James Revell moved to the Quad Cities in 1997 bringing with him honed skills in the art of jewelry making and a desire to create and offer fine jewelry of exceptional quality.  In 2001 the first store opened in Davenport. The business grew quickly, and in 2007 a new location opened at Duck Creek Plaza, in Bettendorf. 


Revell Jewelers’  old-world craftsmanship, unique designs and exceptional customer service have captured the imagination of customers in the Quad Cities and beyond!

All work is done on the premises. Customers enjoy direct access to the 

Knowing that precious items and jewelry repairs never leave our location, gives customers great peace of mind.

Revell’s experienced goldsmiths can use metals and gemstones that a customer already owns, transforming them into stunning new, more wearable pieces. The sentimental value attached to family heirlooms is retained when they are made into engagement rings, wedding bands and other custom keepsakes!


The great attention to detail, yet down to earth approach of the Revell Jewelers’ team makes a visit to the store a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Creating permanent memories and family heirlooms is something that requires a passion for excellent customer service. Once experienced, never forgotten!

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